Tuesday, August 9, 2016

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HE 3 WEEK DIET is a revolutionary new diet system that not only guarantees to help you lose weight — it promises to help you lose more weight — all body fat — faster than anything else you’ve ever tried.
The Introduction Manual is more than just an introduction to the diet. Instead, it discusses the science behind how we gain and lose weight as well as what absolutely needs to be done to attack that stubborn body fat that, until now, has been so challenging to get rid of. 

In addition to this, The Introduction Manual will discuss the specific nutrients the body needs for this diet to be ultra-successful and the science behind those nutrients, and how they help you lose fat, increase metabolism and become much more healthy and energetic.

Get a nice body now

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Tuesday, December 23, 2014

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How to Lose Weight Without Giving Up Alcohol

With all the cocktail-drinking opportunities you will quite likely be faced with over the holidays, you might ask yourself: “Self, is it true that drinking alcohol can impede weight loss?” (I know, you probably don’t talk to yourself like that…but I, sadly, do. Anyway!)
Caroline Cederquist, M.D., creator of bistroMD has some answers.
Q: Is it possible to lose weight while still drinking alcohol?
A: "It is! However, because of the effects alcohol has on your body, it may make it more difficult to lose weight if you don’t pair drinking alcohol with a healthy eating regimen. Because your body treats alcohol like a toxin, whenever you drink, your liver makes the breakdown of alcohol a priority and can’t focus on metabolizing fat as efficiently. This can substantially decrease the amount of weight a person is losing. That’s why I suggest limiting the amount of drinks you have per week and being conscious about what you’re drinking, as well."
Q: What should we do when we’re faced with tons of drinking options this holiday season?
A: "Just know to limit the amount you drink. Patients of mine who would never dream of eating cheesecake are shocked when I tell them that drinking two glasses of wine is the same as eating a small piece of that dessert! Your body doesn’t care if the calories are liquid or solid—they’re still calories." So, a few tips:
1: Sip smart! It’s the best advice for those who are going to drink. Use sparkling water (instead of soda or juice) as a mixer to avoid excess calories and sugar. Pellegrino with lime in between drinks looks like a drink, but it will allow you to pace yourself and slow down between alcoholic drinks.
2: Decide beforehand how many drinks you should have so you won’t regret it the next day—it’ll make it easier to say no to the extra drinks later. Remember, alcohol lowers inhibitions for even the most health-conscious drinker. A few drinks might lead to the bread basket or that extra dessert you wouldn’t otherwise indulge in.
3: Always have a little bit of what you love. If it’s the eggnog, then have a small cup! Health and wellness is a lifestyle change, not a limiting fast or extreme diet. If you don’t give into the small indulgences once in a while, it could intensify the cravings and end up poorly.
4: My best advice is to make sure you know what’s in your drink to avoid extra unwanted calories and try to keep the drinks as ‘healthy’ as possible in moderation.”
Q: At a party, how many drinks should you drink?
A: "For men, a maximum of 10 drinks per week is considered ‘moderate’ alcohol intake. Men who have three drinks each day, seven days a week, are doubling the recommended amount. For women, five glasses of wine (or the equivalent) per week is considered ‘moderate.’ Women’s livers are smaller than men’s, which makes it harder to detoxify higher alcohol levels. This is why women can get intoxicated more quickly if they have the same amount of alcohol as men.”

Do you watch your alcohol intake? What about during the party season?
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Sunday, June 8, 2014

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Signals indicate that your former lover still loves you

1 - not a day goes by without calling you: Despite the formal separation of As, not empty your phone entirely of his own, under various pretexts, either asked for the phone number of one of the common knowledge on the pretext that he is not his phone and lost all numbers, and again under the pretext that he wanted to wish you a day happy and reassured that everything is fine, if I lived with this case, my optimism Vmkantek good in his heart, did not budge after. 
2 - longs to see your news: If I knew of some acquaintances of subscribers to your former lover asks about you and creates excuses for who knows how Taatdberan are you after him, Vatmina because you still Tahmineh, and the longing you began Aazarh.

 3 - still his girlfriend electronically: It's normal to get rid of one of the all traces of the relationship that he had enjoyed with the person who loves him, in case your former lover could not bear the idea of ​​dispensing with you on the accounts on the Internet from Facebook and Twitter it if signifying nothing, it shows that does not want this story to end, especially if started poking messages even if they are sometimes tough stems if the real feelings.
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Diet lemon peel to get rid of fat

Dieting and weight loss goal of every girl to maintain good health and agility is unmatched, but the talk is not an app followers diet is difficult. After several studies and then discover that lemon peel helps to get rid of excess fat without diet strict but healthy and in small quantities with drinking a cup of this recipe before each meal quarter of an hour. 
 The modus operandi of juice lemon peel to his followers in the Diet Lemon:  
Wash kg of lemon and squeeze and then placed in a bottle and leaves in a bowl with lemon peel essential diet. In a saucepan boil an ample amount of water, is placed inside the lemon peel and simmer for 30 minutes. After the cool water mixed with lemon juice with water and put this in a bottle in three. For best results and weight loss, reducing the national meals and eat 4 snacks every day. Before you start eating a meal period of a quarter of an hour drink a cup of lemon juice, which will help burn the fat accumulated and accumulated in the body. Simple and easy way does not require you a lot of effort and fatigue Stoukak overweight and pushes you to lose weight

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Saturday, March 29, 2014

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Who is the woman who chooses to marry a man?!!

Who is the woman who chooses to marry a man ? ! ! When asked to single men mentioned recipes perfect wife , they might mention the different recipes , while some might say simply " be good! " , While adding others that they should be like a picture of the mother. There is an old story about a successful man , and very rich , and when asked about the secret of his success . Answered proudly that his secret is having a wife give him support. It is the perfect girl for marriage ? This has been the work of psychologists my profile for women that are impossible to remain unmarried . Away from traditional marriage and falling in love , if you're looking for the perfect wife , this view of women psychologists form.
Man chooses ordinary girl

 Ms. true able to be exceptional , and charming , and amazing , and looks pretty ordinary from home and abroad . I Ashbana the wise words a long time ago that " humility is what makes a woman more beautiful " , and this is confirmed by most psychiatrists today. When you feel the girl talent , excellence and beauty , it increases the commitments it and makes it more demanding . When you feel the girl that she wears a crown on her head , they immediately think that it must be surrounded by a footnote ownership and here begins the gap between them and the men . When girls begin assessing the others in terms of their physical condition , and their intelligence , and their authority , the men feel so but retain notable for themselves and then gradually moving away them. Of course, the opposite is true when you are simple and modest , you two communities a greater number of people around you.
The man picks the girl weak 

  Man feels in the presence of the girl by force weak. The man creature by nature to protect women and defend. While strong women trying to prove themselves and strength always through rival for men and beat them. Few men can not accept to be defeated in a relationship are not compatible with human nature. While it does not say vulnerable women as weak, but they attract the attention of men more than the girl who thinks men as masculine. 
Men choose the girl rationality 

These girls know where to buy things cheaper, but quality is estimated. This woman could trust her husband with the family budget. The rational here is synonymous with intelligence. And any man would be happy to marry a woman who does not follow the irrational whims and desires at the expense of her own. 
The man picks the girl logical 

  A woman's charm is in its ability to reach a fungal conclusions. Logic female is able to mesmerize men. This is due to the fact that they are able to show a way of thinking that men can not be attained. Women have a different brain arrangement, communications, multi-pole there. And sometimes it might be logical thinking for women is that it attracts men. This refers to the natural qualities is artificial is the best qualities of the ideal wife. 
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Friday, March 28, 2014

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The most important drugs activate ovulation and how it works?

Drugs used in the revitalization of ovulation and how they perform their function without side effects ? Answer the question Dr. Raja Mansour member of the world body to control fertilization Medical Assistant Head of Middle East Society for fertility , saying : drugs important to stimulate ovulation drug " Alklomad " one of the most common medications to stimulate ovulation forty years ago which is similar to the installation Chemists of the hormone estrogen , which makes it occupies places receptor estrogen in the brain and pituitary gland , and this makes the brain is unable to determine the proportion of estrogen in the body and translate that rate low and then sends the brain signals to the pituitary gland to secrete a hormone , " the H " and " FSH " the end result is the growth of several eggs in ovary. According to Dr. Raja Mansour to be given 50 tablets Alklomad Mlijm a day for five days starting from the third day of the course and must follow ovulation by ultrasound and also can measure the hormone , " the H " in the urine . It is expected that ovulation occurs 24 hours after the appearance of the hormone , " the H " in the urine and build on this knowledge could be timely for the occurrence of sexual intercourse or artificial insemination work of the pair . If ovulation occurs dosage can be increased to 100 and then 150 mg per day instead of 50 mg is advised not to repeat Alklomad eating for more than 6 cycles is best not to be online . According to Dr. Raja Mansour that the drug Alklomad succeed in bringing about ovulation in about 80% of women with Petkas ovarian pregnancy occurs in about 35% of these ladies and produces pregnancy in twins in 5 % of cases, and should be monitored response ovulation and the case of Ms. after a pregnancy where they vulnerable to an increase in the activity of the ovaries and amplified with a pool fluid in the abdominal cavity . It is undesirable effects of a drug Alklomad negative impact on the wall of the uterus and cervical secretions may occur in some cases Zaghlah in the eye and feeling too hot ( waves of scorching ) and the tendency to vomiting with fatigue in the pelvic area , abdomen, breast , and this does not mean stopping treatment , except in the case of a Zaghlah eye must stop immediately and should not be given Alklomad in cases of liver disease and cancer of the uterine wall and the presence of bleeding Rahmy
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Sunday, March 23, 2014

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Diet fast irritated kilo and a half in two days!

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With us today Diet fast irritated kilo half in two days for those who want Bergam fast I think that there was no system faster than with you eat 3 full meals Saturday Dinner : - the fruit or half an orange big +100 gm grilled fish with salad large and shown 100 grams authority Fruit Sunday breakfast : - 100 grams fruit is sweetened or small banana cross-section with a cup yogurt or a slice of bread with a teaspoon of honey bee food : - 200 grams Roast Potato +200 gram beans +25 grams cheese half creamy + green salad + medium apple for sweetening Dinner : - 200 grams fish cooked in the oven after dressing with lemon . 100 gm boiled rice . 100 grams and 100 grams Islands another kind of boiled vegetables . Slices of pineapple juice than normal. 60 grams cottage cheese . Monday breakfast : - 150 grams of orange juice or grapefruit 25 grams cornflakes +150 gm skim milk food : - 25 grams cold meat or chicken breast . 50 g skim cheese . Large tomato fruit . Dinner : - half a grapefruit fruit or half a large orange . Steak medium \ " without fat \" grilled . 100 gm boiled potatoes . Tomato with grilled vegetables . 100 grams of boiled beans . 2 cups lemon juice . Note: This food as a whole is working to burn the amount of calories , which in turn lose a lot of fat .. and thus can repeat this system once a week .. amazing .. the results will come with a mind to maintain a balanced diet the rest of the week
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Saturday, March 8, 2014

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7 Secrets reveals no men

Most of the men to their emotions Aigron interior for women , but they want to know without telling her .. Vtalma that the man does not reveal everything that goes on in his head and his heart . According to a study , the Brazilian man 's failure to disclose his emotions and thoughts does not mean that he wants to keep the secrets or that he lacks confidence Bashricth . Thread is believed that the man that he does not need to talk about some things , which revolve in his mind and his heart to his belief that women should know. Since they can not guess everything so that men should get rid of this limitation , and open their chests to their wives .

I - it is also a cry of men as women are not allowed to the same methods of the subject in front of women, but he wants her to know that Becky may also cry a lot without her knowledge. If I thought that the woman crying man betrays a weakness, it is wrong, because the man who can cry in front of her shows great strength, and this is not due to the weak cry Fayalchksah., And of a man to cry in front of women also means that humans like her.  

II - it may emotionally wounded by the man does not like to reveal too emotional for his wounds, but he wants women to know that he also may have been hurtful emotional attitudes. The man who you may love a woman with him from you; but emotionally wounded, they rejected it or did not find what they were looking for. This is not a defect and should learn it without that reveal is so

 III - he also wants you to listen to the majority of men is open to a lot of women, that is, they do not talk too much about their emotions. But from the inside want to listen to women as she wants to listen to it. And if you find a woman that her partner has opened his appetite to reveal things to her, she must listen to him because the man is usually not required to listen, but believes he has a duty to listen to him as a husband.

IV - it wants you should be doing what it feels in his favor when a man decides to do something for the family, it wants to be a woman stand next to him, and help him to reach what would make a successful plans in favor. But often refrain from seeking help from women.

V. - is that he wants you to learn considers you a fine crazy that many of the men, consider that his wife fond of him. This is due to the fact that many men do not express their love for their wives only rarely, but at the same time wants to feel that you feel his love even without express is about.

VI - he wants to feel that your man loves only man to feel that the only man who has a heart beat; But he does not ask for it, and at the same time, he wants to know that you Tattabrene well even without asking you.

VII - initiative sexual study pointed out that it is known that the man is the one who takes the initiative in order to intimate cohabitation, but he wants to learn that women also take the initiative in some cases without being asked is this. The study said that this is a sensitive issue, because women get used to is that the man is the owner of the initiative in doing intimate cohabitation
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Coffee and dessert recipe innovative and delicious

Ingredients: Pass two cups or more or less to taste
  5 tablespoons milk powder
  5 tablespoons semolina
  Tray cream
  Half template butter
  Cup of coffee accurate coverage.:
  Orio grinded coconut and white coconut
  Sesame biscuits Shahi crunched
Flour toasted in butter and put it to the dates that melts and then put the milk and semolina, last thing cream liqueurs and garnish coverage
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The modus operandi of the authority of mayonnaise Diet

Mayonnaise salad delicious food that one Nbhaa and adore our meals next addressed the core, we offer you a way to prepare salad mayonnaise orphans to be able to be addressed without feeling concerned about the impact on weight gain.


1 egg
 4 spoons of canola oil
 Quarter teaspoon refundable
  One teaspoon of lemon juice
  Quarter teaspoon salt

 Put all the ingredients in a food record to fail for 3 Dqaig mayonnaise Diet to become ready.
ضعي كل المكونات في محضر الطعام لتخفق لمدة 3 دقايق حتى تصبح المايونيز الدايت جاهزة.

أقرا المقالة علي مدونة دواير: http://www.dwayir.com/2014/02/blog-post_5396.html
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Friday, March 7, 2014

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The modus operandi of chicken biryani

Chicken marinade: 

8 chopped chicken pieces skinned. 

2 cups yogurt. Tablespoon sauce.  
3 cloves garlic, finely chopped. Tablespoon minced fresh ginger (can be replaced GINGER powder). One tablespoon white vinegar. Bharat tablespoon chicken. One teaspoon of allspice following (Curry, turmeric, onion powder, garlic powder, red pepper, cumin, salt). 

Components of rice: 
 3 cups basmati rice. Diced potato. Chopped tomato. Cup Mixed Vegetables (beans, peas, carrots). Butter or margarine. A grain of pepper (not hot) diced. Large onion sliced​​. Bharat is ground: cinnamon sticks, Hbhan (Hill), Lemon dryer, paper Laura, cloves. Cube chicken broth (optional). 1/4 tablespoon saffron. 


1 - Mix marinade ingredients and marinate the chicken well the chicken pieces and put in the fridge for a full day or two at least.  

 2 - In a deep frying pan put a little butter and add the potatoes and vegetables problem and stir, and simmer until the mid-maturity and lifted from the fire. 

3 - In a deep saucepan on the fire raises placed the butter and add the ground spices with non-flipping for two minutes.  
4 - Add the onion to the butter and stir well until it turns its color to yellow.

5 - Add the chicken Balttbalh to onions, stirring, then add the pepper cubes and the chopped tomatoes and chicken stock cube and two cups of water and leaves over medium heat until chicken is cooked completely.

 6 - Boil the rice with a little butter and salt until the middle of maturity.

 7 - After the chicken is cooked, add the vegetables and rice, the problem is added to a glass of water dissolved the saffron and stir.
8 - biryani leaves on the backburner until full maturity and beautifies with raisins and nuts, served with salad and yogurt and green salad or as desired.


 فصوص ثوم مفروم ناعم. ملعقة زنجبيل طازج مفروم (يمكن استبداله بزنجبيل بودرة). ملعقة خل ابيض. ملعقة كبيرة بهارات دجاج. ملعقة من البهارات التالية (كاري، كركم، بودرة بصل، بودرة ثوم، فلفل أحمر، كمون، ملح).

أقرا المقالة علي مدونة دواير: http://www.dwayir.com/2014/02/blog-post_4498.htm
3 فصوص ثوم مفروم ناعم. ملعقة زنجبيل طازج مفروم (يمكن استبداله بزنجبيل بودرة). ملعقة خل ابيض. ملعقة كبيرة بهارات دجاج. ملعقة من البهارات التالية (كاري، كركم، بودرة بصل، بودرة ثوم، فلفل أحمر، كمون، ملح).

أقرا المقالة علي مدونة دواير: http://www.dwayir.com/2014/02/blog-post_4498.html
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