Saturday, March 8, 2014

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The modus operandi of the authority of mayonnaise Diet

Mayonnaise salad delicious food that one Nbhaa and adore our meals next addressed the core, we offer you a way to prepare salad mayonnaise orphans to be able to be addressed without feeling concerned about the impact on weight gain.


1 egg
 4 spoons of canola oil
 Quarter teaspoon refundable
  One teaspoon of lemon juice
  Quarter teaspoon salt

 Put all the ingredients in a food record to fail for 3 Dqaig mayonnaise Diet to become ready.
ضعي كل المكونات في محضر الطعام لتخفق لمدة 3 دقايق حتى تصبح المايونيز الدايت جاهزة.

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kamal room

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