Sunday, June 8, 2014

sami amine

Signals indicate that your former lover still loves you

1 - not a day goes by without calling you: Despite the formal separation of As, not empty your phone entirely of his own, under various pretexts, either asked for the phone number of one of the common knowledge on the pretext that he is not his phone and lost all numbers, and again under the pretext that he wanted to wish you a day happy and reassured that everything is fine, if I lived with this case, my optimism Vmkantek good in his heart, did not budge after. 
2 - longs to see your news: If I knew of some acquaintances of subscribers to your former lover asks about you and creates excuses for who knows how Taatdberan are you after him, Vatmina because you still Tahmineh, and the longing you began Aazarh.

 3 - still his girlfriend electronically: It's normal to get rid of one of the all traces of the relationship that he had enjoyed with the person who loves him, in case your former lover could not bear the idea of ​​dispensing with you on the accounts on the Internet from Facebook and Twitter it if signifying nothing, it shows that does not want this story to end, especially if started poking messages even if they are sometimes tough stems if the real feelings.

sami amine

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