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The most important drugs activate ovulation and how it works?

Drugs used in the revitalization of ovulation and how they perform their function without side effects ? Answer the question Dr. Raja Mansour member of the world body to control fertilization Medical Assistant Head of Middle East Society for fertility , saying : drugs important to stimulate ovulation drug " Alklomad " one of the most common medications to stimulate ovulation forty years ago which is similar to the installation Chemists of the hormone estrogen , which makes it occupies places receptor estrogen in the brain and pituitary gland , and this makes the brain is unable to determine the proportion of estrogen in the body and translate that rate low and then sends the brain signals to the pituitary gland to secrete a hormone , " the H " and " FSH " the end result is the growth of several eggs in ovary. According to Dr. Raja Mansour to be given 50 tablets Alklomad Mlijm a day for five days starting from the third day of the course and must follow ovulation by ultrasound and also can measure the hormone , " the H " in the urine . It is expected that ovulation occurs 24 hours after the appearance of the hormone , " the H " in the urine and build on this knowledge could be timely for the occurrence of sexual intercourse or artificial insemination work of the pair . If ovulation occurs dosage can be increased to 100 and then 150 mg per day instead of 50 mg is advised not to repeat Alklomad eating for more than 6 cycles is best not to be online . According to Dr. Raja Mansour that the drug Alklomad succeed in bringing about ovulation in about 80% of women with Petkas ovarian pregnancy occurs in about 35% of these ladies and produces pregnancy in twins in 5 % of cases, and should be monitored response ovulation and the case of Ms. after a pregnancy where they vulnerable to an increase in the activity of the ovaries and amplified with a pool fluid in the abdominal cavity . It is undesirable effects of a drug Alklomad negative impact on the wall of the uterus and cervical secretions may occur in some cases Zaghlah in the eye and feeling too hot ( waves of scorching ) and the tendency to vomiting with fatigue in the pelvic area , abdomen, breast , and this does not mean stopping treatment , except in the case of a Zaghlah eye must stop immediately and should not be given Alklomad in cases of liver disease and cancer of the uterine wall and the presence of bleeding Rahmy

kamal room

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