Sunday, March 23, 2014

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Diet fast irritated kilo and a half in two days!

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With us today Diet fast irritated kilo half in two days for those who want Bergam fast I think that there was no system faster than with you eat 3 full meals Saturday Dinner : - the fruit or half an orange big +100 gm grilled fish with salad large and shown 100 grams authority Fruit Sunday breakfast : - 100 grams fruit is sweetened or small banana cross-section with a cup yogurt or a slice of bread with a teaspoon of honey bee food : - 200 grams Roast Potato +200 gram beans +25 grams cheese half creamy + green salad + medium apple for sweetening Dinner : - 200 grams fish cooked in the oven after dressing with lemon . 100 gm boiled rice . 100 grams and 100 grams Islands another kind of boiled vegetables . Slices of pineapple juice than normal. 60 grams cottage cheese . Monday breakfast : - 150 grams of orange juice or grapefruit 25 grams cornflakes +150 gm skim milk food : - 25 grams cold meat or chicken breast . 50 g skim cheese . Large tomato fruit . Dinner : - half a grapefruit fruit or half a large orange . Steak medium \ " without fat \" grilled . 100 gm boiled potatoes . Tomato with grilled vegetables . 100 grams of boiled beans . 2 cups lemon juice . Note: This food as a whole is working to burn the amount of calories , which in turn lose a lot of fat .. and thus can repeat this system once a week .. amazing .. the results will come with a mind to maintain a balanced diet the rest of the week

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