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7 Secrets reveals no men

Most of the men to their emotions Aigron interior for women , but they want to know without telling her .. Vtalma that the man does not reveal everything that goes on in his head and his heart . According to a study , the Brazilian man 's failure to disclose his emotions and thoughts does not mean that he wants to keep the secrets or that he lacks confidence Bashricth . Thread is believed that the man that he does not need to talk about some things , which revolve in his mind and his heart to his belief that women should know. Since they can not guess everything so that men should get rid of this limitation , and open their chests to their wives .

I - it is also a cry of men as women are not allowed to the same methods of the subject in front of women, but he wants her to know that Becky may also cry a lot without her knowledge. If I thought that the woman crying man betrays a weakness, it is wrong, because the man who can cry in front of her shows great strength, and this is not due to the weak cry Fayalchksah., And of a man to cry in front of women also means that humans like her.  

II - it may emotionally wounded by the man does not like to reveal too emotional for his wounds, but he wants women to know that he also may have been hurtful emotional attitudes. The man who you may love a woman with him from you; but emotionally wounded, they rejected it or did not find what they were looking for. This is not a defect and should learn it without that reveal is so

 III - he also wants you to listen to the majority of men is open to a lot of women, that is, they do not talk too much about their emotions. But from the inside want to listen to women as she wants to listen to it. And if you find a woman that her partner has opened his appetite to reveal things to her, she must listen to him because the man is usually not required to listen, but believes he has a duty to listen to him as a husband.

IV - it wants you should be doing what it feels in his favor when a man decides to do something for the family, it wants to be a woman stand next to him, and help him to reach what would make a successful plans in favor. But often refrain from seeking help from women.

V. - is that he wants you to learn considers you a fine crazy that many of the men, consider that his wife fond of him. This is due to the fact that many men do not express their love for their wives only rarely, but at the same time wants to feel that you feel his love even without express is about.

VI - he wants to feel that your man loves only man to feel that the only man who has a heart beat; But he does not ask for it, and at the same time, he wants to know that you Tattabrene well even without asking you.

VII - initiative sexual study pointed out that it is known that the man is the one who takes the initiative in order to intimate cohabitation, but he wants to learn that women also take the initiative in some cases without being asked is this. The study said that this is a sensitive issue, because women get used to is that the man is the owner of the initiative in doing intimate cohabitation

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