Sunday, June 8, 2014


Diet lemon peel to get rid of fat

Dieting and weight loss goal of every girl to maintain good health and agility is unmatched, but the talk is not an app followers diet is difficult. After several studies and then discover that lemon peel helps to get rid of excess fat without diet strict but healthy and in small quantities with drinking a cup of this recipe before each meal quarter of an hour. 
 The modus operandi of juice lemon peel to his followers in the Diet Lemon:  
Wash kg of lemon and squeeze and then placed in a bottle and leaves in a bowl with lemon peel essential diet. In a saucepan boil an ample amount of water, is placed inside the lemon peel and simmer for 30 minutes. After the cool water mixed with lemon juice with water and put this in a bottle in three. For best results and weight loss, reducing the national meals and eat 4 snacks every day. Before you start eating a meal period of a quarter of an hour drink a cup of lemon juice, which will help burn the fat accumulated and accumulated in the body. Simple and easy way does not require you a lot of effort and fatigue Stoukak overweight and pushes you to lose weight


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