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Who is the woman who chooses to marry a man?!!

Who is the woman who chooses to marry a man ? ! ! When asked to single men mentioned recipes perfect wife , they might mention the different recipes , while some might say simply " be good! " , While adding others that they should be like a picture of the mother. There is an old story about a successful man , and very rich , and when asked about the secret of his success . Answered proudly that his secret is having a wife give him support. It is the perfect girl for marriage ? This has been the work of psychologists my profile for women that are impossible to remain unmarried . Away from traditional marriage and falling in love , if you're looking for the perfect wife , this view of women psychologists form.
Man chooses ordinary girl

 Ms. true able to be exceptional , and charming , and amazing , and looks pretty ordinary from home and abroad . I Ashbana the wise words a long time ago that " humility is what makes a woman more beautiful " , and this is confirmed by most psychiatrists today. When you feel the girl talent , excellence and beauty , it increases the commitments it and makes it more demanding . When you feel the girl that she wears a crown on her head , they immediately think that it must be surrounded by a footnote ownership and here begins the gap between them and the men . When girls begin assessing the others in terms of their physical condition , and their intelligence , and their authority , the men feel so but retain notable for themselves and then gradually moving away them. Of course, the opposite is true when you are simple and modest , you two communities a greater number of people around you.
The man picks the girl weak 

  Man feels in the presence of the girl by force weak. The man creature by nature to protect women and defend. While strong women trying to prove themselves and strength always through rival for men and beat them. Few men can not accept to be defeated in a relationship are not compatible with human nature. While it does not say vulnerable women as weak, but they attract the attention of men more than the girl who thinks men as masculine. 
Men choose the girl rationality 

These girls know where to buy things cheaper, but quality is estimated. This woman could trust her husband with the family budget. The rational here is synonymous with intelligence. And any man would be happy to marry a woman who does not follow the irrational whims and desires at the expense of her own. 
The man picks the girl logical 

  A woman's charm is in its ability to reach a fungal conclusions. Logic female is able to mesmerize men. This is due to the fact that they are able to show a way of thinking that men can not be attained. Women have a different brain arrangement, communications, multi-pole there. And sometimes it might be logical thinking for women is that it attracts men. This refers to the natural qualities is artificial is the best qualities of the ideal wife. 

sami amine

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