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Four Simple Steps to prevent the destruction of homes

bomb temporary may explode in our faces all of us , so there are several steps and rules must couple their followers in order to keep away the specter of secession from the House after an increase in cases of divorce , especially in the first year of marriage .. tips d . Hanan Abul Khair advisory marital relations any young man about to get married By following a few rules and mind the Charter of the era between the two parties . The first rule , the sense of hearing .. listen to the other party all the attention and consideration that the difference in opinion does not spoil the intimacy .. does not mean I disagree with you in the opinion, the declaration of war and the willingness to face ! The second rule , a lack of focus on the disadvantages of the other .. in the sense that every human defects and features .. Just as the flaws in my partner .. I tolerate it .. I Vakid as well. Third base , a good knowledge of each party Btabaa and share hobbies and interests and build bridges of love and compassion and always away from the worries . The fourth rule is addressed to the wife .. just a lack of pressure on the pair to stay in the house next to it in order to hear him talk sweet workers on Heroes ! ! This is a mistake .. must be given the freedom to pair off to meet friends and not specifically considered " dug " and his participation in the visiting parents and relatives.

kamal room

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