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Illusions in the imagination of the men from the women!!

Illusions in the imagination of the men from the women ! ! Based on false impressions handles men with women , understanding and studying the mother well and then start the application of the provisions on the wrong daughter , despite the fact that psychiatry confirms that human behavior varies from one person to another , even if the environment is one . Before entering Adam to the golden cage of his desire to listen to the experiences of married couples bad , to start his new life with a series of misconceptions about the opposite sex , this is what made ​​one recent study suggests that men embrace illusions wronged by women , which is contested by Dr Mohammed Fikri Issa Professor of Medicine psychological Ain Shams University. The first illusion : women do not feel complacent never seen d . Mohammed intellectual satisfaction that the phase of very deep faith is not up to human easily , as they apply to human prescription sexes together . Stressing that this illusion may be the fact that if a man marries a woman lacking grace satisfaction does not convince anything regardless of his greatness , and here no matter how hard men and great efforts can not satisfy this pattern of wives . The second illusion : in need of attention and care of permanent loneliness . This is a fact that the intellectual and they are not being unfair to women by men , and the fault does not lie in the belief , but in a way that is understood by men of this belief . Women , if you feel the attention of her husband feel that they do not fill his eyes , and therefore are in need of it from time to time to confirm the position he has , while a man sees that he tried to emphasize that it is still a princess dreams heavy burden carried on his shoulders , and feel pressure when showing interest in them seems grandiose in it, he imagined that he is doing the duty that will deliver him to evade punishment is indispensable. The third illusion : they want to control the men indisputable that they are great men , this is confirmed by d . An intellectual , but he says sometimes be true. When a man's fancy that his wife want to have control is not able to give them time to discuss with them even convince his point of view , and thus relieves himself and meets her mind with the belief that he is forced

kamal room

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