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Eve .. Avoid this love!

King of Love has many faces and multiple mutually transforms the life of Eve to the committee and another makes Eve figure very bad and turns her life into hell, but usually do not recognize Eve it has one kind of love the bad and do not realize that the cause of unhappiness in her life is the spread of a ghost and the types of love harmful in her life
 It is therefore important to take the Eve of the most beautiful love in it , and beautify her warmest and fresher kinds of love and move away from this love false harmful who comes to the other and everybody in her life is the most important kinds of love that should be shunned Eve 1 - Love acquisitions : The Love ownership of the worst kinds of love that destroy the lives of Eve , when controls on Eve love owning stuff Aguenaúha as well as trying to impose its control over the people around them out of love all this makes Eve Personal severe selfishness where free love acquisition of tender love and makes Eve has a ravenous to acquire everything in life and this degrades love and Eve together . 2 - Self Love : There is a fine line between love of self and between selfishness and as long as I heard Eve that love of self is wonderful and she must love herself so you can love others but Atdrick Eve that selfishness is one kind of love is the love for the same exaggerated and this kind of love exists inside every human being is one that is able to make him one of the most beautiful kinds of love or that it would reduce the amount of love and makes him a killer . 3 - Love grief : this kind strange love owns Eve Ph.D. in proficiency , there is a kind of Daughters of Eve must surround himself with an aura of Aldzn and depression and that shows in the appearance of the victim by the rush on everyone robbed of happiness and in fact is one of the strongest types of love complicated and worse at the same time where he makes Eve live in a state of conflict between the desire like any normal human being dreams of happiness and between it Tstazb this case of grief where you live so the only loser of this kind of love is Eve , which alienate everyone of them because of her grief and her depression , which slip in front of the whole writ chances of happiness that knock on their doors . 4 - blind love : months of this kind of love is love blind , who always comment on it Eve failed love stories always what you see Eve that mirror the love that made them blind can not see the flaws that made them a beloved condone the mistakes committed by the right in a that made them unable to ensure the success of love but in fact do not realize Eve that blind love does not exist in reality, it is one kind of love that Achtgaha rights to justify its failure to check his mistakes multiple paid love to collapse and although it is one of the worst kinds of love, he a kind of self- deception and self-deception in the name of love. Love is the most beautiful visitor beats doors Eve , but before he opens his Eve door it is important to be sure of the identity of this love as it's important before reaping Eve from the garden of love beautiful roses to avoid those weeds that look beautiful in the dress of love , a far cry from the the meaning of love wonderful .

kamal room

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